As an Organizational Psychologist, I help people bringing out potential, raising awareness and fostering evolution in work environments.


Organizational Psychologist with specialization in systemic group therapy. She has been dedicated to team and manager development in multinational companies for 20 years, with over 6000 people trained in experiential training sessions, blended learning and group dynamics analysis.

She has more than 130 career coaching courses to her credit. A visual facilitator and graphic recorder, she applies visual psychology methodology to all her own group and individual development pathways, maximizing learning and change through visual techniques. Adjunct lecturer at the University of Padua – Italy since 2020.


How do you react to different situations?

Behavioral Test to identify which mindset characterizes your work style.

Conflict groups or groups that need to integrate?

Group dynamics analysis to understand which habits distinguish your team and in which direction to build new, more effective and efficient behaviors. I observe the team at work, in its natural environment.

Meetings, feedback meetings or group design activities are valuable detecting moments of all effective or limiting behaviors. With this analysis in hand you will have much more evidence to strengthen your team. You have the people, I’ll help you see more clearly and suggest improving actions to increase group strength and flexibility.

Grow and strengthen managerial skills

Visual Coaching: coaching with the highest return on investment! Through visual psychology I will translate salient concepts of the conversation into images and even online we can make big changes.

The psychological theories of reference used are cognitive behavioral psychology and systemic psychology: there are more than 130 courses to date with managers from every business sector.

Play to learn!

Soft skills become a game: action learning is strategic to learn new behaviors more functional for teamwork. Through serious games and strategic debriefing, team awareness is increased and the level of engagement will always be high. There will also be a final learning outcome so that each person can bring innovation to their work.


I help to reread behaviors, understand their root, and then take them apart together and reassemble them in the most useful way for the group itself.

Thanks to my specialization in systemic group therapy, I possess tools for reading team dynamics, and I meet daily with cross-functional, homogeneous, newly formed or long-established groups.

I have worked with about 6000 people (C-level, senior director, manager, team leader, specialist) in multinational companies, Italian headquarters, business groups, with delivery in Italian and English



Industrial (Mechatronic, Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Chemical)

Advanced Services (Engineering, Information Technology, Banking, Insurance)


FMCG (Food & Beverage, Cosmetics)

Modern Distribution / Retail


Action learning, experiential training, business game, cooperative learning, group facilitation, visual coaching, group dynamics analysis, interactive blended learning.

20 years of experience with:


Better groups with visual psychology


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